There are many possible futures. Some of them are bleak. A few of them are fabulous. 


Fab Future Foundation is dedicated to identifying the best, still-feasible futures, detailing what those futures look like, and then supporting the design and creation of products and services that move us towards those fabulous futures. Fab Future Foundation is a non-profit that educates and inspires through public events, private workshops, and youth and adult programs. 


From a Harmful Economy to a Healing Economy


Our economy is built on products and services that are created and delivered in a way that harms natural ecosystems on land and sea, drives species into extinction, and damages our own health. The majority of pollution derives from our consumption--from what we eat, wear, and have. But what if every bite of food we ate was grown in a way that actively healed the soil? What if every piece of clothing that we wore was produced in a way that cleaned the air and water? What if every item that we had was created in a way that protected species and lowered greenhouse gases? We have the knowledge to produce food, fashion, and furnishings in this healing and regenerative way. Fab Future Foundation is committed to sharing that knowledge and inspiring and training the next generation of entrepreneurs and makers who will transition us from a Harmful Economy to a Healing Economy and move us towards a truly fabulous future.